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I’d have liked Slytherin hero Harry Potter finding the Chamber of Secrets, seeing ghostly Tom Riddle and nearly dead Ginny, and instead of fighting the basilisk, he instead talks to it. He says ‘so, why are you running around our walls and doing what this guy tells you?’ and the basilisk is like…

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once I saw it I couldn’t unsee it sorry

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  • Question: it's odd that the first film to be written by a woman is the most sexist. did they just not allow her to do what she wants or does she have some serious internal misogyny because she's one of the guys? makes ya think. - Anonymous
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    after james gunn was brought on to the script, she was removed from the project and had no further involvement. gunn made several rewrites to the script, and then worked off of that for the direction of his film. this was the first marvel movie with a woman on the writing credits, yeah, but her name and involvement were definitely secondary to gunn’s. considering gunn has come under fire for extremely sexist humor before, I have no problem laying the blame for the sexist tone of the film on him.

    i’m blaming some of it on joss whedon because:

    Joss Whedon had some involvement in the writing process for Guardians – James Gunn worked with him to mold the script. Everyone loved Gunn’s original script… except for Joss Whedon, who said he liked it but that it was too conventional and “it needed more James Gunn.” So Gunn took another pass and really went for it. (x)

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Fact: the Pacific Rim soundtrack makes everything better.

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oitnb season 3 wishlist:

  • poussey’s happiness
  • alex fills in her eyebrows more thickly
  • literally anyone utters the word “bisexual”
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a sequel to frozen where elsa’s advisors are all imploring her to find a nice prince to marry to be the king consort and elsa just isn’t interested in anyone until the arabian royal family comes to visit to discuss trade arrangements and elsa meets their spunky hijabi daughter who has the power to manipulate fire and heat and falls in love instantly


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I’m sorry I couldn’t resist I just really like these

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